Student Corner

Added many topics in the syllabus that recruiters are seeking in fresh graduates for minimum package of 6 Lacs

05 Nov, 2019

At Dhanvantary Campus,

we are trying to make our Institution as a Brand in the Pharmaceutical Industry that our students must stand out in the common mass of Pharmaceutical graduates and MBA graduates. We are actively communicating with international stakeholders and recruiters regarding updation of our students for personal development as per international management skill requirements.

We have discussed with the Top Managers and Influencing People in the Pharmaceutical Industry. We asked them to mention the qualities of the fresh graduates to whom they will be happy to hire in annual packagee of minimum 6 Lacs. According to their current industrial need, the top management fellows have directed us about many different and important requirements as a skill in the fresh graduates for such salary package. We have successfully revised our syllabus according to the industrial need and to maximize the annual package of our fresh graduates.

We present our Fresh Graduates as Our Brand.

Reported as on 07.09.2019 at Shree Dhanvantary Campus